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Hi, I'm Harnit Khatri, a 21 year old professional gamer with variety of skills and experience in the gaming world and out. Originally from the city of Faridabad, India and currently residing in Canada. I belong to two teams: D5 and Synergy Gaming. Our passion driven love for gaming is the foundation of our well coordinated team work.
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Nexus Gaming

1st COD Bo2 1V1 Tournament


1st COD AW 2V2


1st COD Bo3 2V2

Ethnarc Gaming

1st COD Bo3 2V2

@Nexus Gaming

1st COD Bo2 1V1 Tournament


1st Valorant VLT Streamert


Ex Coach

MLG World Finals

32nd in COD AW

Influencer Tournament

14th in HP Omen Challenger Series


Media @Ti8

ESL 5G Milan



2,4,6 PUBG Streamers Battle

Frequently Asked Questions

Question & Answers

What are your CPU specifications?

Corsair Spec 06
Zotac 1080
Motherboard Asus Z370
Processor Inetl 7700
Ram Corsair 16GB DDR4 3000mhz
PSU RM1000x Corsair
Cooler Corsair 240Mm Liquid Cooler
Keyboard Corsair K70MK2
Mouse Zowie FK1+

What were the obstacles you faced in your gaming career?

Two of the biggest challenges for me was convincing my parents that I want to pursue gaming as a profession and also trying to balance gaming and maintain good grades since education was priority.

When did you start gaming?

I started playing video games in 8th grade. I stared playing professionally when I represented India in MSG world finals.

Which is your favourite PUBG map to play on?

My favourite map is Erangle because I’ve been playing that map since the game came out. It’s the excitement of knowing the map pretty well, it becomes hard to get over.

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